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Have you ever spent $50 or $60 on a video game and got stuck somewhere in the middle? Maybe you don't have the skills you need in order to progress, or you just don't know what you're supposed to do next, so you never get to see the later levels—or the ending. It's enough to drive you nuts! So how can you get through the game and make that monetary investment pay off in entertainment value? It's simple: You need a strategy guide.

Since 1994, Tips & Tricks has been a leader in the area of video game strategy guides in print. The Tips & Tricks Codebook includes three feature-length guides in each issue. Depending on the game, each guide can range in length from eight to 26 pages. For the price of a single magazine, our experts will teach you everything you need to know about how to master the most popular games currently on the shelves. But we don't just tell you how to beat them—we'll also point out the stuff you might have missed along the way, even if you've already cleared the game. From hidden power-ups to secret areas and the most obscure achievements, we'll tell you where to find them, how to earn them and what to do with them once you get 'em.

"But why should I get the Codebook when I can find FAQs on the Web for free?" Yeah, you're one of them wise guys, ain't ya? Here's why: Those online guides are written by players just like you. They don't have the experience that we have. They don't have contact with the games' publishers and developers like we do. They're not paid professionals with access to pre-release games and the special hardware that's required to play them. What's more, those online FAQs consist of nothing but text. Our strategy guides are carefully laid out to help you digest the information immediately, with maps, charts, screen shots and official character artwork, all in mind-melting full color, printed with fancy fonts on sturdy paper stock on a printing press in the U.S.A., the way it oughtta be.

If you want to take a look at a real Tips & Tricks strategy guide, here are a few examples that you can download. These files are in PDF format, which means you gotta look at them on your computer screen—you can't read 'em at the breakfast table or while you're sitting on the toilet, and you certainly can't keep them on the couch cushion next to you while you're playing a game, the way they were intended to be read. Sure, you can print them out—if you want to use up expensive printer ink and see how they look on that cheap paper that your mom bought on sale at the office supply store. But you won't really appreciate their full impact unless you get a copy of the Tips & Tricks Codebook and check out how they look in the context of the rest of the magazine package. Then you'll see how we roll.

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