Meet the Staff

We'd like to introduce you to the people who make the Tips & Tricks Codebook possible. Without their hard work, you'd still be writing passwords on your palm at recess and buying bad photocopies of fighting-game move lists from creepy guys at the arcade!

chris b

Name: Chris Bieniek
Title: Editor in Chief
Member of the Tips & Tricks Family Since: 1994
Chris B. has been the leader of the Tips & Tricks gang since the very first issue. A native (and current resident) of Chicago, Illinois, he oversees the Codebook, writes the Select Game Previews section and creates the popular Pencil Puzzles. He's a huge fan of the Chicago Bears, the original King Kong and the British progressive metal band Threshold.

lisa b

Name: Lisa Beattie
Title: Art Director
Member of the Tips & Tricks Family Since: 2000
A lifelong Los Angeles resident who earned her B.A. in Art from UCLA, Lisa remains a passionate fan of the school's athletic programs. She makes Tips & Tricks and the Codebook look fun and accessible, a philosophy which also carries over to her design of this Web site. Most of her spare time is spent trying not to fall off her horse.

anatole b

Name: Anatole Brown
Title: Contributor
Member of the Tips & Tricks Family Since: 1997
Anatole has been a fixture at Tips & Tricks since the days of the Sega Saturn and has navigated hundreds of tricky games. Growing up as a kid in Tokyo, video games and heavy metal were encoded into his DNA. He currently lives in Maine where he's thinking of trying out for the new NBA D-League team, the Portland Red Claws.

pat r

Name: Pat Reynolds
Title: Contributor
Member of the Tips & Tricks Family Since: 1997
Pat got started in the world of video game journalism with GameLord and Fantazine, a pair of self-published fanzines in the early 1990s. As our resident Mega Man, Star Wars and Armored Core expert, he is thankful to have a job that combines his two favorite things—video games and writing. Pat lives in rural Michigan with his wife Kristie and daughter Claire.

cheat b

Name: Cheat Biscuit
Title: Mascot
Member of the Tips & Tricks Family Since: 1999
Originally a crude sketch on a napkin, Cheat Biscuit somehow became the official mascot of Tips & Tricks and the Codebook. Inspired by the cheddar bay biscuits at a restaurant across the street from our offices, he wears a mask and a cape and fights crime, or something. His little-known sidekick is the cute and slimy Gravy Boy, and his archenemy—the malevolent Expert Muffin—has not been seen since 2001.

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