Select Game Previews
capcom preview

One of the most popular sections in the Tips & Tricks Codebook, Select Game Previews gives you a look at some of the games you can expect to play in the near future. You might even get to play all of them, if you happen to be a super rich kid or one of those holier-than-thou game store employees who get to open up and play the new games before selling them as 'new' for the full retail price.

Unlike the preview sections in other game magazines, ours gives fair and equal treatment to games in all genres, in every target age group, for all the current systems. (This currently includes the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, DS and PSP, though the list may change if new systems are released and we're too lazy to update our Web site.) Every title gets either a full page or a half page of space, with screen shots and a concise, insightful description of the game that gives you the essential details—including the scheduled release date, which is always subject to change due to inclement weather or unfortunate tarot card readings.

astro preview

We also like to divide the space as evenly as possible between publishers. We cover the big titles from giant corporations like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Activision, but we also give equal treatment to games from lesser-known companies like Mastiff, Game Factory and NIS. In what other magazine will you see My Stop Smoking Coach getting the same amount of attention as Killzone 2? That's a rhetorical question—there is no other magazine! Fair and balanced, that's us. Oh, and if you're a publisher and we're not covering your games, it's because you haven't been sending us your press releases—so get with the program and let us tell our readers that your products exist!

Click on any of these images to see examples of our Select Game Previews, and remember: They look even better on the printed page.

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