Where to Buy

The Tips & Tricks Codebook isn't some fanzine that we photocopy, staple together and distribute around our neighborhood from the trunks of our cars. It's a professional periodical that is assembled for your viewing pleasure by a company with decades of publishing and magazine-distribution experience. When the new issues roll off a printing press in the great Midwestern United States, they get boxed up and loaded onto dozens of long-haul tractor-trailers that carry them to the following retail stores for your purchasing convenience. Click on the following links to find the location nearest you, then go there and buy a Codebook!

In addition to these chains, the Tips & Tricks Codebook can also be found in hotels and resorts with retail stores operated by Travel Traders LLC (www.traveltradersllc.com) and at military commissaries and exchanges with retail operations provided by MDV/Nash Finch (www.mdvnf.com).

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